1st Post from Jingdezhen, China

After two days of being stuck in a rainy Shanghai due to canceled flights for my final destination, I decided to take my chances on a train ride to Jingdezhen. A 14 hour train ride in the middle seat with no sleeper to be exact.  And yes, there is smoking on the train if you were wondering. It took many hand gestures and following symbols/numbers to get from Hongqiao airport (one of two international airports in Shanghai) to the main train station, then onto the long distance train into the country. I can tell you that I got (what felt like to me) a full spectrum of people in on 24 hr. time window. I would have rather taken the one hr. flight at the time, but with a little distance - I am glad to have had the experience. 

Once I arrived at 4 in the morning, a worker from Zhenrutang was there to pick me up. The residency site is beautiful and secluded on the outskirts of Jingdezhen. It took me a few days to get rested and to figure out how to get around the Great Firewall of China, but now I expect to posting on a regular basis. More on the city, residency, etc. later on.  

Finished video of wood firing event

In October of 2013, the University of Kansas and the Lawrence Arts Center hosted a wood fire workshop that culminated in a weekend event that had 4 kilns firing to temperature at the same time. During the day I had a chance to interview a few artist about either their role in the event or there thoughts on wood firing.  School obligations delayed the finished product until now, but it is finally done and off my plate!

ps. I made this on a grad student budget, so $200 for a camera and whatever software we already had on the computer. I don't expect any oscar nominations, but it was fun to do. 



Ceramics Monthly article


I was lucky enough to have recently had an article published in Ceramics Monthly. A magazine that I have spent many a hour reading since the age of 20. Page 58.  Pick it up if you can. 

Ben Cirgin and Chris White

A couple of friends who make amazingly good work and who also happen to be on opposite sides of the clay spectrum. I find the dichotomy interesting here, two different ways to get to solid, well made, and compelling ceramics. Please take the time to visit their websites. Thanks   - Ben Cirgin and Chris White. 

Ben fires his work in a wood kiln and makes some nice subtle pots, both in the gradation of  flame-work and in the actually form itself. Theres a nice conversation happening between those two aspects that keep the pots interesting and refined without becoming too predictable or too loud.  

Chris makes insanely detailed work fired in an electric kiln. Each piece comes to fruition through countless tool marks and many layers of stains and glazes. The work here gets it power through meticulous crafting and planing and has a defined narrative the piece revolves around. It keeps me interested in a different way, works different sensibilities. 

Ben Cirgin    benjamincirgin.com

Chris White   www.christopherdavidwhite.com

"Lets Talk About Love, Baby" at iMOCA

This Saturday, May 18 4-6 p.m. will be a gallery talk for all the artist who participated in the love library section of Chido Johnson's exhibition at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art.  A number of artist were invited to make books referencing love or the notion of love. There were many great pieces and Saturday will be a chance to listen to the contributors explain there work in a little more detail. Please come if you are anywhere around Indianapolis.  iMOCA


Website for the project here:  Lets Talk About Love, Baby                                                       Chido website here:   chidox.com

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I'll Form The Head

Not clay related, but..

A couple of years ago, my son got really into the Voltron (80s) cartoon. I always had fun quoting the bad lines back to Ollie in order to aggravate him with the utmost efficiency. I was very happy to discover this video by MC Frontalot this morning and couldn't wait to get a good tease in before school!  Found on boingboing.net  Enjoy.

WSAC Singularities Exhibition

Here are a couple of videos from the recent "Singularities" exhibition. One is a walk through of the show and one is a process shot of the unfired clay piece. All in all it was a nice experience. Thanks to Peter Ellis the gallery owner, I was fortunate to have 2 months in which to work out problems in gallery. Also thanks to Leticia Bajuyo, a terrific exhibition partner and mentor. Hope to have quality pictures up soon.