Ben Cirgin and Chris White

A couple of friends who make amazingly good work and who also happen to be on opposite sides of the clay spectrum. I find the dichotomy interesting here, two different ways to get to solid, well made, and compelling ceramics. Please take the time to visit their websites. Thanks   - Ben Cirgin and Chris White. 

Ben fires his work in a wood kiln and makes some nice subtle pots, both in the gradation of  flame-work and in the actually form itself. Theres a nice conversation happening between those two aspects that keep the pots interesting and refined without becoming too predictable or too loud.  

Chris makes insanely detailed work fired in an electric kiln. Each piece comes to fruition through countless tool marks and many layers of stains and glazes. The work here gets it power through meticulous crafting and planing and has a defined narrative the piece revolves around. It keeps me interested in a different way, works different sensibilities. 

Ben Cirgin

Chris White