1st Post from Jingdezhen, China

After two days of being stuck in a rainy Shanghai due to canceled flights for my final destination, I decided to take my chances on a train ride to Jingdezhen. A 14 hour train ride in the middle seat with no sleeper to be exact.  And yes, there is smoking on the train if you were wondering. It took many hand gestures and following symbols/numbers to get from Hongqiao airport (one of two international airports in Shanghai) to the main train station, then onto the long distance train into the country. I can tell you that I got (what felt like to me) a full spectrum of people in on 24 hr. time window. I would have rather taken the one hr. flight at the time, but with a little distance - I am glad to have had the experience. 

Once I arrived at 4 in the morning, a worker from Zhenrutang was there to pick me up. The residency site is beautiful and secluded on the outskirts of Jingdezhen. It took me a few days to get rested and to figure out how to get around the Great Firewall of China, but now I expect to posting on a regular basis. More on the city, residency, etc. later on.